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After-School Art Mentorship for Teens (13-18)

Empowering students with the drawing, painting, and figurative art skills they need.

Basic Info

Who: Teens 13-18 years old, six student maximum​

Where: Home studio near Rogers Family Park on the south side of town. 

​When: We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school with a drop off              window from 3:00-3:30pm and a pick-up window from                        5:00-:30pm at in my teaching space-converted garage.                          (Address  provided upon registration).

​​Tuition: $475/month - Discounts and Scholarships available!

Open house/Meet and Greet at the Studio with Rebecca Thursday August 15th and Tuesday August 20th from 5-7pm 


This program is designed to help young artists develop their foundational skills to a pre-professional level and prepare them for secondary education opportunities and long-term art practice. The curriculum is based on drawing and painting methods that have trained master artists for centuries. These include:

  • Master-copies

  • Cast Drawing

  • Still life 

  • Figure Drawing 

Alongside these skill-building exercises, students are required to keep a personal sketchbook to develop their own ideas, have fun with art, and experiment. 



Students will settle in and have time to get a snack and do some free drawing during the drop-off window. When Class begins at 3:30 we will either have group instruction with demonstrations, or start individual critiques while students make progress on in-process-projects. Each student will be on their own individualized work plan to address them at their level within the umbrella of the main skills we will be working on as a group. During weekly critiques they we also be asked to show that they have been working in their sketchbooks. Work done in sketchbooks is not critiques based on skill of execution unless a student wants suggestions in that area. This is an opportunity to develop their creativity and the habit of daily art practice. 


We focus exclusively on developing competency and confidence in drawing the human figure in the class time from 3:30-5pm. This will include drawing the figure from life, gesture drawing, anatomical and geometric construction drawings, and portrait practice. Figure drawing is perhaps the single most important skill to develop as an artist and I've put this program together in part because I believe young artists need access this essential skill set.



Tuition Includes all supplies, model fees, and daily snacks. Discounts offered for siblings, and paying by semester or the full school year. I do have some scholarships available. To apply, send an email to with your a statement of need including how much of the tuition you need covered in ordered to be able to participate, as well as a statement written by the prospective student telling me what they hope to get out of the program and why they want to participate. 

Standard Rates:​

Monthly: $475** 

Fall: $1,575 (5% discount - you save $87.50!)

Winter: $2,140 (5% discount - you save $116.25!)

Fall &Winter: $3,525 (10% discount - you save $394!)

Sibling Rates: If you have two children participating in the program, the second gets a 5% discount

Monthly: $451

Fall: $1,496

Winter: $2,033

Fall & Winter: $3,348

​**December Tuition is reduced to $235, May tuition reduced to $356 

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