I believe that anyone who has a serious interest in art regardless of age or past experience can learn to make meaningful work. I teach foundational skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture based on classical methods that have been successful for centuries. This kind of teaching and learning allows students the freedom to succeed in any style because they will not be handicapped by technical inadequacies as they go on to pursue their own artistic voice. Much like musicians learn scales before composing rock ballads, there are artistic ‘scales’ to give you tools to accomplish your goals. Once you dedicate yourself to this type of artistic study, you will notice accelerated progress and spend less time with distractions and guesswork.


In the first year of lessons we focus on artistic drills, learning to draw, how to see and translate value with pencil, perspective, composition, master copies, and understanding basic shapes /forms. The year culminates by applying those lessons to the mediums of sculpture and paint through mastercopies after Michelangelo’s David. Exploration and experimentation outside the curriculum is encouraged and I’m always happy to review outside projects with students as well.

At that point we will continue to do tonal studies while introducing color and expanding the curriculum to include still life, landscape, figurative painting, and personal compositions.

Students’ Work / Testimonials

Rebecca is a master teacher.  Not only does she have the technical knowledge for creating drawing, painting, and sculpture and possesses great talent but she is a skilled and patient teacher.  Over the period of a year, she taught me the techniques I needed to stretch my technique and talents.  She matched her teaching to my capabilities but was able to inspire me to reach beyond what I felt were my limits.  The pieces I completed were better than I ever felt I could accomplish and worthy of putting on my walls.  I was very pleased and surprised at the progress I was able to make in the year I spent studying with Rebecca.” -T. Young (former student)


This is a student’s master copy of a drawing after Jean Baptiste Greuze. Doing copy drawings and paintings teach students how to see think and draw like the masters. It’s just like learning a classical piano piece.


This is a page of Bargue features a student copied. The Bargue drawing course is designed for students to copy set drawings to teach accuracy and hand-eye coordination.

TY BargueCopy1.jpg

Bargue arm with geometry


Bargue Features

TY-Geometric Solids1.jpg

Linear Geometric Solids

TY-Geometric Solids.jpg

Rendered geometric solids


Theoretical Perspective Drawing


Observed Perspective Drawing


Master Copy of a drawing of Michelangelo cast

TY-Cast Drawing.jpg

Drawing from observation of Michelangelo cast

TY Cast Painting.jpg

Grisaille(tonal) painting from observation of Michelangelo cast