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Summer Camps

Summer Camps - Empowered Art Academy

Artist and iInstructor Rebecca Woodward teaches from a strong technical foundation in realism and creative arts to give all students the confidence to make whatever moves them. Enrolled students progress through a series of technical exercises increasing in difficulty and scaffolding on each other to build mastery in drawing, painting, composition, and color theory. Rebecca believes that by building this thorough understanding of the craft of art, these foundational skills empower students to make compelling work of their own. While developing their technique, students are also required to keep a sketchbook of personal work. Sketchbooks are reviewed, but never critiqued. The purpose of the sketchbook is to be a safe space for creativity to develop without judgment. Sketchbook reviews are a chance to work through creative hang-ups and get personalized instruction in developing ideas and a personal creative practice.  A key part of this training is the understanding that each artist is on their own journey and remembering to stay in your own lane. Students of all levels who commit themselves to the process will see growth at their own pace. While we are striving to develop specific skills, each student’s work is only evaluated against their own progress goals, never anyone else’s work. Students are frequently reminded to “Stay in your own lane, when we try to drive in someone else’s, there’s usually a wreck.” Anyone is capable of learning to draw and paint at a high level, and develop their own voice.

June 2024 Schedule

Session 1: (June 3-7) Drawing FUNdamentals  

In this session, students will be learning drawing warm-ups and skill exercises. These are like “practicing scales” for the visual artists. We will apply these exercises to master copies from both 2D and 3D reference materials. This teaches accuracy while also immersing students in works that are masterfully made - developing the eye while imparting an appreciation of the techniques needed to create masterworks. 

Session 2: (June 10-14) Painting FUNdamentals 

In this session, we will apply the same methods as in Drawing FUNdamentals within the medium of oil painting. Students will learn safe paint handling and painting practices and apply that understanding to the description of form with emphasis on value and temperature. We will be working in grisaille (greyscale) to get a firm grasp of the medium and value. 90% of the work of a successful piece is in management of lights and darks. 

Session 3: (June 17-21) Color FUN

In this session, we will begin to play with color in paint. Students will do color mixing exercises and begin to grasp how the interplay between warms and cools enhances our perception of form. 

Session 4: (June 24-28) Figure FUN

In our final session we will focus on learning to draw the human figure. We will be learning the steps to creating a realistic figure and practicing through mastercopies and drawing from life.  Students will have access to clothed models in the afternoons. 


8:30-9am - Settle in/ free sketch time.

9-10am - morning lecture/demonstration

10-10:15 - stretch/bathroom break

10:15-11:30am - applying the lecture (work time)

11:30 -12:15pm - lunch break

12:15pm - 3pm - Work from life and individual instruction (breaks built in)

3 - 3:30 - Independent projects/free-create time. 


Tuition & Fees:

Each week carries a cost of $365/session. Most supplies are provided, though students will need to pack lunch and bring their own sketchbook.  There may be limited scholarships available for those who may need financial assistance. Please reach out to me by email at to inquire further.

*Classes must reach a minimum enrollment of 5 students to carry. If necessary, we will combine sessions.


LOCATION: Fell building at 4th and Rogers. 

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